How to Setup & Use NordVPN on Firefox

In this quick guide, we will see a step-by-step procedure to download and Install NordVPN on Firefox.

NordVPN is the 🥇top Firefox extension, most other VPN extensions just work as a proxy. But NordVPN is more than a proxy, routes all your traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel after connecting to the server. Which makes your identity & information is invisible to your ISP or any government.

Cybersec is the best NordVPN browser feature that ⛔blocks all ads on your browser & 🔎 scans the website immediately blocking it (if it’s malicious). While it’s WebRTC leak protection will make sure your IP is never revealed.

With the NordVPN Firefox extension, you can gain access to any website regardless of the geoblocks. NordVPN is the one that tries to deliver the app experience to an extension following the same zero log policy for its extension.

Steps to Download & Install NordVPN for Firefox

  1. Get the NordVPN subscription, if you don’t have it.
  2. Navigate to the NordVPN download page & choose Firefox entension.NordVPN Mozilla Firefox Extension (1)
  3. it will redirect to the mozilla firefox store, Now click on Add to Firefox.Add to Firefox (1)
  4. Now a prompt will appear on the top, click on the Add button.v
  5. Now click on Firefox ☰ settings navigate to Add-ons & themes —> extensions —> NordVPN. Make sure that the run in private window is in allow satate to run NordVPN extension on your browser.Allow run in private Window (1)
  6. Now click on NordVPN extension and click login (enter your NordVPN credentials).NordVPN Extension Login (1)
  7. After successfull login, you can connect to the fastest server available with quick connect.NordVPN Extension Quick Connect (1)

Also, you can connect to the specific server by clicking on the “🔍 Search for a specific country” and enjoy all the NordVPN services through extension.

Firefox Plugin vs Native App

You might be thinking🤔, which one to use App or extension after taking a NordVPN subscription?. Well, both have their own usage.

NordVPN Extension App
PrivacyBrowser LevelEntire device
Streamingunblocks services within the browserEnjoy unblocking any service


When it comes to online privacy, VPN encryption will be applied only to the browser if you are using the extension. So, all your (Firefox) browsing activities will be hidden for your ISP. But if you open other browsers or apps, your ISP will see the log of your activities.

Though it sounds great to have 🛡️protected at the browser level, surveillance groups will be able to get your data through regular traffic.


NordVPN firefox extension allows you to enjoy unblocking any website including popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and many more.


Torrenting is not possible with your NordVPN firefox extension, but you unblock the best torrent sites. If the torrent sites allow you to download the entire file directly without a torrent client. Then only you can enjoy torrenting or you need to rely on the NordVPN App for full torrenting support.

👉Check out our NordVPN App installations for Windows, iOS, Android, macOS.

Quick Fix- NordVPN Firefox Extension Not Working

Not everyone can assure you that everything will work fine all the time. Like your machines, VPNs also break down sometimes. You can try some of the DIY solutions mentioned below or try contacting NordVPN customer support (24/7).

Connect to another Server

If your IP Address is not changed or unable to access streaming services or websites. Then that IP of the VPN might be blocked. Don’t panic😅, it’s quite common for VPNs. You can connect to another server in that region and continue enjoying the service.

Clear your browser cache

Changing server didn’t work? then your browser stored your IP address in cache & populates to the sites you visit every time. So, you need to clear your Firefox browser cache (simple process) which removes all the temporarily stored data, files, images, etc. So you can get back to work again.

Reinstall NordVPN Plugin

If none of the things work for you, then you need to remove the plugin from your browser and reinstall it again. Follow the installation steps again.

Steps to remove extensions

  1. Click on Firefox settings “☰” and choose Add-ons and themes
  2. Choose Extension and click on “” to choose Remove option.

📝Note:- If none of the DIY solutions work for you, then try contacting NordVPN customer service.


NordVPN Firefox extension provides that easiness controlling your online privacy with a single click on the browser itself. While everyone 😎likes to keep things organized in one place (browser), but keep in mind that the extension does have some 😥limitations compared to the app.

If you 🌐browse everything instead of using apps, then browser NordVPN extension is a perfect choice.

📢 New-year Discounts:- NordVPN is offering heavy discounts (75%) on its new plan.

FAQs Related to Firefox NordVPN

Is it good to use the NordVPN extension for Firefox?

Yes, you can enjoy all the VPN benefits on your firefox browser. But keep in mind that using a plugin is not the same as the app (all your other traffic will be visible to your ISP) except in firefox.

Where to download NordVPN Firefox extension?

You can download it from the official NordVPN page by taking the subscription or you can download it from the firefox store, but you need to take the subscription later.

Is the NordVPN Firefox plugin free?

Yes, it’s completely free to use. But you need to be a NordPVN subscriber. To get the VPN for free, try their 30 days money-back guarantee program and request for refund on the last day (if you don’t like the service).

Can NordVPN Extension unblock Netflix?

Seamlessly, it can unblock any Netflix library bypassing all the geoblocks with a simple click instead of installing an app. Also, you can have access to the entire NordVPN server to unblock all streaming services.

How many simultaneous connections will I get with NordVPN Subscription?

You can enjoy the service connecting up to six simultaneous devices either in your browse or as an app service.

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