Windscribe Review- Best Free VPN in 2024

Windscribe is an excellent VPN for streaming, also its free version offers the same features as the premium version with class-leading encryption & some unique features. All these features ay very low prices, is it really going to beat the tough VPNs available in the market. How far are these claims true? Today we are going to review Windscibre feature-wise to find out, how tough competition it’s going to give

We have tested Windscribe in several key areas like streaming capabilities, security features, torrenting capabilities along the speeds and protocols it offered. Also, they are offering a free version that provides the same premium VPN features, make sure that you check it out, without wasting furthermore time, let’s dive in

Quick Review

  • 500+ Servers in 60 countries
  • AES 256 Bit Encryption with forward secrecy
  • Unlimited bandwidth with R.O.B.E.R.T feature
  • Unblocks some streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • No log policy
  • Unlimited device connections.
  • 24/7 hours customer support
  • 30 days money back gaurantee program

Windscribe Detail Review Analysis

VPN Background

Windscribe is located in Canada, 5 eye country (not well privacy friendly). Though it collects a minimal amount of user data, which Windscribe claims to use for improving the service quality. This isn’t good for any best no-log VPNs, but since other VPN services are logging some minimal data. We hope Windscribe will do the same.

While user’s biggest concern is that its servers are once seized in 2024, but no data is left to collect. Windscribe is ensuring users’ privacy thereafter and provides rich security features (discussed in detail later section).

Server Network

Windscribe maintains more than 500 servers in over 60+ countries and 110+ locations, it’s a 🤗healthy number covering most of the cities and locations. It’s unusual that this VPN maintains VPN servers in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and more.

Its coverage includes city-level servers reducing network congestion. While Windscribe maintains secrecy about its individual VPN Servers or IP Addresses. As per Reddit information, most of the servers are rented ones rather than owned ones. Even the free version lets you choose a wide variety of servers available.

Windscribe maintains a page to keep track of these servers in real-time, helpful when you want to troubleshoot a slow server. Also, you can choose between a data center or residential IP (more expensive) but this really improves the unblocking of streaming services.

You can also enjoy its static IP Address to connect or operate a website. Though this needs a subscription, you can choose between 10 data centers across 6 countries.

🎯Tip: With residential IPs, streaming any library will be like a piece of cake.


While Windscribe claims to deliver good speeds to stream everything in HD & 4K no matter whether you are torrenting or streaming. Though it can’t match the NordVPN (NordLynx) speeds, it still 🔥performs great. So, we have decided to put Windscribe in speed test to know the results.

Here is a quick glimpse of speeds with (fastest server) & without connecting to a VPN.

ConnectionDownload SpeedsUpload SpeedsPING
Without VPN95 Mbps78 Mbps3 ms
With VPN88 Mbps73 Mbps10 ms

Results clearly state that Windscribe is one of the fastest VPNs on connecting to a nearby server. While the speed drop is very minor at about ~7% very usual due to VPN encryption, these speeds are a mouthful to stream everything in Ultra HD without any buffering.

Let’s test how it performs on connecting to distant servers once.

ServerDownload SpeedsUpload SpeedsPING
USA73 Mbps65 Mbps 33 ms
UK53.8 Mbps47 Mbps90 ms
Germany78 Mbps50 Mbps27 ms
Singapòre10 Mbps5 Mbps400 ms
Australia24 Mbps19 Mbps236 ms
Windscribe distant servers

It’s the same on most other VPNs, there will be drops when you connect to distant servers. As you can see from the speed test results the drop varies from 10~70% depending on the server.

While the average speed lies between 50 Mbps which is well ⚡suitable for streaming in high quality. Though there are some other fastest VPNs available. But I did wonder how the speeds will be if we change the protocol. So, we did test the speeds on switching the protocols available in Windscribe.


WireGuard is the fastest VPN protocol known, but surprisingly IKEv2 performs much similarly to WireGuard protocol. Not all the VPN protocols are available for your platforms, check what you’ll get once before.

📝Note:- VPN speeds are usually low compared to local internet speeds, but you can boost them.


Windscribe comes with industry-leading AES 256 bit encryption with some most trusted VPN protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2. Despite providing top-tier VPN security features, Windscribe does come with many security settings (SHA512 Authentication key) & 4096 bit RSA encryption (best 🛡security and privacy features).

Additionally, it supports, Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) that ensures that encryption 🔐keys won’t repeat.

Firewall Settings

Windscribe offers ‘”Firewall” settings in both Windows and macOS software which typically works like Kill Switch. But this firewall 🚫blocks all the connections outside the VPN tunnel.

This provides security against DNS & IP Leaks (not found during our test) that ensures your IP won’t get leaked if your connection drops. This works in three different modes automatic, manual, and always on.

Double Hop

A firewall isn’t the only feature offered by Windscribe, it also offers the “Double Hop” feature that routes your traffic through two different servers (like VPN changing). This provides additional security.

There is a Split Tunneling feature offered by Windscibe feature “Split Personality“. This helps you to use normal and VPN-specific features.

windscribe-robert Feature (1)

R.O.B.E.R.T Security suite

Windscribe maintains its own ad-blocker and malware blocker called “R.O.B.E.R.T” which is a DNS level malware & adblocker that comes inbuilt with the VPN.

It has 8 blocklists that save your time by blocking ads, trackers, fake news, social network, sexual content, etc.

But these features aren’t perfectly tuned yet, sometimes their fake news feature blocks content unnecessarily and some popular websites are blocked by this feature. When we tested other blocklist features, they are working perfectly fine.


Windscribe offers almost all of its protocols across all the platforms, it let you choose UDP & TCP (OpenVPN). UDP is 🔥faster & less reliable whereas TCP is more consistent and somewhat slow.

By default, you will be in the IKEv2 protocol on all platforms which is a great choice for mobile platforms. But choose OpenVPN for desktop applications, even you can use WireGuard protocol from the settings.


OpenVPN Vulnerability- seizing server

When Ukraine authorities seized two OpenVPN servers of Windscribe, the VPN claims to run the servers with encryption (server configuration). But taken over servers are running a legacy DNS resolver with manual configuration (seem like Windscribe negligence).

Luckily, no user data is affected or monitored. Windscirbe later repaired those vulnerabilities to maintain a healthy user status (best practice). Then decided to carry out independent audits in near future.

Logging & Privacy

Windscribe does collect some data which is to run the services smoothly, here is the data that this VPN collects.

  • Amount of Data transferred in 30 days
  • Timestamp of last network activity
  • Number of simultanoues connections
  • Username till your session ends

Though they can’t track any user which this mere information, their firewall protections ensure all the data will be erased once after you disconnect from the server. Also, all these data will be stored in RAM Servers which means “Everything will be erased after your session ends“.

Windscribe Co-Founder detailed mentioned what data it’s collecting. But there are no independent audits to satisfy users and build trust (Hope they will do in the future).

Streaming– Unblocks Major Streaming Services

Windscribe is a tough geoblock bypasser that can unblock most streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer along HBO Max. I was 🤯surprised that even the free version was able to unblock most of the streaming services libraries.

It seems. Windscribe is perfectly using its spoofing technology called “Location Wrap” which 💪beats all these tough geoblocks masking your IP to access these services. Even the best streaming VPNs are struggling hard to consistently unblock them.

It’s Lucky that Windscribe (* Both Paid & Free version) is able to unblock all of them, during my test with Netflix. I was able to unblock Netflix US along with the UK, Japan, and Australia, While the paid version is able to unblock 32 Netflix libraries.

Windscribe Unblocked Netflix US

While the free version was able to unblock 10 Netflix libraries (very impressive). Also, I was able to unblock Hulu by connecting to Toronto server in the US. This helps me to watch my favorite shows without buffering during my entire stream.

Windscribe unblocked Hulu

Windscribe struggle’s a bit to unblock Disney+ immediately, but on connecting to Atlanta Server in the US. Disney+ is unblocked, so we have tested some servers in which 5 of the servers are worked like Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and Denver.

Windscribe unblocked Disney+

Though it took some time to load the pages, seems like there is some trouble with unblocking Disney+. Windscribe is able to unblock all other streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max.

Streaming speeds are very consistent across most platforms. While Windscribe UK Servers managed to unblock BBC iPlayer along with other popular streaming services like Spotify, DAZN, All 4, and ITV.


Windscribe is a 🤗great choice for torrenting, that allows P2P file sharing on both Paid & Free versions. While you can enjoy torrenting on almost every server. To make it easier & safe, they marked unsupported P2P server locations asP2P“.

While the torrenting speeds are consistent and reliable to download the torrent files quickly with a download speed of 20 Mbps. So, Windscribe secured a position in top VPNs for torrenting.

Windscribe spreads its servers all over the world to maximize the torrenting experience for all of its users across the globe.

SOCKS5 proxy

Windscribe supports SOCKS5 proxy that provides additional privacy when you configure them for your torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent. If you are new here and don’t know how to configure them. Here are the detailed setup guides of the SOCKS5 proxy.

Port Forwarding

Torrent 💕lovers & professional torrenting people love to have a port forwarding feature that significantly boosts their uploading and downloading speeds while torrenting. You can enable this feature on their official website.

📝Note: Torrenting is down in Canada (due to copyright law), make sure that you connect to a server Where Torrenting is Legal.

Device Compatibility & Ease of use

Windscribe supports almost all the device platforms out there, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Router. While they maintain the custom applications for every device platform, almost all of them are very user-friendly and more similar.

It has its own config generation tool that helps you out during manual configuration, really helpful for manual setups like your Amazon Fire TV, Kodi, etc.

Windscribe Windows vs Android Interface

As you can clearly see there isn’t much difference between the interface across the platforms while most of the settings are intuitively classified into 5 different categories. Also, it’s beginners friendly & easy to use.

Windscribe Works in China?

Windscribe is one of the best VPNs available out there in bypassing censorship. We haven’t seen any other free VPN working in China. Highly restricted countries like China, Russia uses a Deep packet inspection to block VPNs.

Windscribe is one of those works in china using obfuscation technology to bypass the VPN data packet inspection called “Stealth protocol” in this VPN that routes OpenVPN traffic through TLS tunnel works based on Stunnel Algorithm.

During our test, it worked in China (all-time), Windscribe make this possible for their free plan as well by connecting to the Hong Kong Victoria server. Try out its Wstunnel Mode if it’s not working for you.

📝Note: Stealth protocol is not available in iOS App, also make sure that you download the app before you travel to China.

Simultaneous Device Connections- Unlimited

You can enjoy unlimited device connections like in Surfshark & IPVanish. Also, you can 🥳enjoy this in the free version as well. But there is a myth in users’ 🧠minds unlimited connection will slow down their VPN speeds. But it’s not, I am able to stream simultaneously on connecting to my 2 smartphones, FireTV, laptop all of them at once. While many other premium VPNs will offer 5 devices at max, this is really great to have Windscribe (no other free VPNs can match the service).


Windscribe Pricing

As you can see, Windscribe is offering three different plans in which two of them are paid and one is a free plan called “Build a Plan“. This allows you to choose a specific Locations you want ($1 per month/ Location) and this includes only 12GB of data. If you want unlimited bandwidth you need to pay an additional $1 including the R.O.B.E.R.T feature.

By the word, 0$ it’s not free. To create an account requires a minimum $2 subscription, either it can be two locations (12 GB Data) or a location with unlimited data. While other two paid subscriptions are straightforward with all the features but cost you $9/ month if opt for a month (very expensive).

But if you try to take a yearly subscription which costs you $4.08 a month. You will get the same features on every plan as there is only one Windscribe Pro subscription. Also, they are offering a SribeForce customizable pack for organizations with $3 per seat per month.

Also, they are offering 30 days money-back guarantee program to get your refund instantly without any questions. So, you can try out any of their plan of your choice without any hassle.

📝Note: it doesn’t require your email to register, also accepts Bitcoin payments along with all other regular payments modes.

Customer Support

Though Windscribe is a pretty decent VPN (some top features at very cheap prices), providing the support is where it’s still 😢behind other top VPNs. There will be no live chat or telephone support to contact when you ran into some issues.

But you can contact them over 📧email and know your answers from their online guides, FAQs (common issues). Also, there is a discord channel and subreddit channel for Windscribe to chat with another user like you.

There is a ticket-raising system like in other most common applications along with chatbot support (Garry). Unfortunately, it only knows English and when you are really obsessed and stuck in middle it will connect you to a human (Ticket system).

We’ve noticed that response time is a little poor(One-day), they should have engaged more employees for the quick response and live support.

Final verdict

Windscribe works like a 🤩premium VPN unblocking all the streaming services (even with low servers). Also, it offers the same features on its free version (really surprising). Most of its network servers support P2P torrenting with superior ⚡speeds.

It offers a wide range of security features like R.O.B.E.R.T that will be really helpful in different scenarios. While the paid version price is a little high (compared to other paid VPNs), there is no live chat support and not running any independent audits might bother users.

You should definitely try Windscibe at least once. Also, there are offering 30 days money-back guarantee program, so all your money is completely safe.

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FAQs Related to Windscribe

Is Windscribe VPN safe?

Windscribe is the safest VPN that comes with standard VPN protocols coupled with AES 256 bit encryption. Additionally, it provides firewall protection, leak protection and has a built-in R.O.B.E.R.T feature.

Is Windscribe really a free VPN?

This might sound crazy, but it’s not a free VPN. Even when you take Build a Plan which shows 0$ you need to make at least $2 purchase to activate your account either choosing two servers or one server with unlimited data + R.O.B.E.R.T feature.

Windscribe will slow down my speeds?

Yes, there will some speed drops when you use a VPN. But depending on the protocol & your internet speed it varies. We have observed a 60% drop in connecting to distant servers.

Can I unlock streaming services with Windscribe?

Yes, you can unblock any streaming you like to. Right from Netflix to DAZN it unblocked most streaming services including Amazon Prime, they manage to achieve this with the Location Wrap special technique.

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