How to get a UK IP Address & location From Anywhere in the world

Do you want to access Netflix UK content, Unblock BBC iPlayer, access banking/billing websites or unblock other sites but you’re outside the UK and unfortunately can not access for now.

How to get a UK Based IP Address

My friend Matthew was in the same situation when he moved out of the UK for the first time and came for India visit, but when started browsing Internet, unfortunately, he was unable to access his favorite shows on streaming sites and even was not able to access his bank account.

As an Indian, I love British TV shows and movies so I was already watching Netflix UK shows and he was surprised how I’m watching these.

Then I explained to him in detail… And exactly the same I’m going to explain to you in this article.

Why you can’t access these sites now

This happens because websites and streaming services use geo-blocks and prevent users from accessing content outside UK boundaries. That’s why you can not access UK local news channels, streaming content from the UK(ex. Netflix, BBC iPlayer), banking, and billing services.

Short in time? Here is a quick guide for you:

  1. Choose a good VPN. NordVPN is our #1 choice for UK IP Address
  2. Install & Connect to UK Servers
  3. Now check your IP address & location using this tool.

How can you change your IP Address?

Well, the best way to change your IP address is by using a VPN that provides UK servers. A VPN(Virtual Private Network) will help you to hide your actual IP address and location and change it to the UK.

So now when you’ll visit these geo-blocked sites, you’ll be able to unblock them easily. 

But remember only with a good VPN you can bypass geo-restrictions, otherwise, these sites detect VPNs and show errors like this.

Netflix Proxy and VPN error

Steps to get UK IP Address

Ok, now I’m going to show you how exactly this works. And how to change IP Address.

  1. Pick a good VPN, I prefer using NordVPN and in this guide also I’ll be using sameHow to Install NordVPN in Android Devices
  2. Download & Install the VPN App. To download and install NordVPN, check out our guides for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.
  3. Once Installed search for the United States on left side or locate on the map.
  4. Click on the server it will connect you to the united kingdomConnect to UK Based Server
  5. Now you can verify your IP and location using this tool, if it shows in the UK then it’s working well.

Steps to unblock Any website or service:

Now, you have successfully changed our IP and location to the UK, you might be thinking, how to unblock sites. Here are the steps to unblock sites.

I’ll unblock Netflix UK content for reference and similarly, you can unblock any website or streaming service.

  1. We have already connected to the UK servers by following the steps above Connect to UK Based Server
  2. Now, go on Netflix and if already opened then Refresh the Netflix page, or if using an Android or iOS device then just close and reopen the app.Watch Storks (2016) on Netflix 2
  3. Search for your favorite UK TV show /movie Watch Storks (2016) on Netflix 3
  4. Click on play and enjoy.

In case you face a problem while unblocking the Website then just try to clear app/browser cache.

Like this can unblock sites & content on streaming services from Canada, Japan, US, Australia, Germany, France, India and other countries from anywhere in the world. 

If you also want to get a UK IP address now then click on this link to get up to a 68% discount right now from the hidden deals page.

Are you wondering why I prefer using NordVPN?

There are many features that I like in NordVPN.

But before that, let me tell you few things that we should consider while chossing a VPN and we will see if NordVPN have these or not.

1. Servers in the UK

A good VPN should have a sufficient number of servers and NordVPN has a huge network of 5,400+ servers in 59 countries across the world. The UK alone has 440+ servers.

A large number of servers allows you to connect fast servers and bypass geoblocks and restrictions easily.

2. Speed

To stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other streaming sites also to download you need a high speed VPN and with NordVPN you’ll get enough speed to stream in Ultra HD seamlessly.

3. Security & Privacy

A good VPN should have high encryption and no-logs policy with features like kill switch to avoid data leaks. 

And NordVPN offers 256 bit military-grade encryption to keep you protected online all the time. Even when there is a connection drop or you are switching servers, kill switch ensure your personal data is not leaked accidentally.

I’ve also tried to perform leak tests and check if my real IP is protected or not. Every time NordVPN successfully passed all the tests.

It’s based in Panama, which is outside of 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 Eye surveillance so they have no obligations to store users’ data (IP address, connection logs) and other activities. And it has strict no-logs policy.

4. User Interface

A good VPN should have easy to install and use apps for different platforms. And NordVPN provides apps for all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, Routeres and other platforms with one click you can connect with NordVPN servers.

Is there any money back guarantee on NordVPN?

Yes, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee on NordVPN, in case you find NordVPN is not really helpful for you. You can request your money back from the support team in chat within 30 days. And you will get your full refund within a few days.

Can I get NordVPN for Free?

NordVPN does not have a free trial. But technically there is a method you can use to get NordVPN for free. You can use NordVPN’s 30 days money-back guarantee. First, get the NordVPN, of course you have to pay for the subscription. But after using it for a few days, you can ask for a refund before 30 days. Their no-questions-asked refund policy so you can get refund without any problem.

Conclusion to get UK IP Address

By following the steps mentioned above, it is super easy to get a British IP address and access geo-restricted content easily. If you have suggestions or are still facing any issues while unblock then let me know in the comments below, I’ll help in all possible ways I can.

How can I get VPN free for 30 days

If you need a VPN just for few days, you can get the best-rated VPN for free. Using NordVPN’s 30 days money-back guarantee. First, you have to pay for the subscription, but it will allow you to get full VPN access for 30 days. But after using it for a few days, you can ask for a refund before 30 days. Using their no-questions-asked refund policy you can get a refund easily.

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