How to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer [Working in 2024]

Roblox is the most loved platform for gamers and game creators, ever since it was created. And it became a hobby to play games these days. Are you unable to access Roblox on your school computer? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Toda’s guide will assist you in unblocking Roblox at your school. Let’s get started…

Are you a fan of Flash player games or ❤️️love to play games all the time? On Roblox, you can play games or create games(Other users can play them). This will build your skills, but many schools block Roblox thinking that it’s a gaming platform that affects students’ academic performance.

But what about your spare time or leisure periods? You can play Roblox, right? Good news🥳 there is a way to play Roblox games on your school computer by unblocking Roblox. I am going to share the same with you…

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  1. Get a good VPN Subscription for yourself
  2. Connect to any VPN Server to bypass Roblox restriction on your school computer
  3. Now open Roblox and enjoy playing ganes🎮.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a 100% free online gaming platform started in the year 2006 and running with more than 52,2 million users. Roblox is a hybrid version of a social network & gaming platform where you can enjoy games or discuss things with other players.

Most of the genes are flash player games and suitable for all kinds of age groups. Roblox has 40M+ games for free and you can create your own games with the assets they are providing in the “Avatar Shop”. There will be game coins named Robux which are helpful to purchase items on games.

While the site Roblox is owned by Roblox corporations founded by David Baszucki in the year 2004. Roblox games support different platforms i.e you can enjoy a game on all these platforms.

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • FireOS
  • X box Series S

Why is Roblox blocked on School Computers?

It’s not only schools, but colleges also block many websites like Roblox, game platforms, and pirate torrent sites. They only care about the students spending time on academics anything that distracts student studies will be 🚫blocked.

Don’t worry this is not only at your school, it happens at every school. They never think of letting students play even in leisure or break time. But Roblox is blocked by the government in a few countries like UAE, Jordan, and North Korea.

But don’t worry nothing can stop you from accessing Roblox today.

Steps to unblock Roblox in 2024-Working Methods

1️⃣ Using a VPN

  1. Download and install a Roblox VPN, a reliable one we’ll recommend using ExpressVPN
  2. Here are the installation guides for your reference iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
  3. Now open the ExpressVPN app on the installed device and connect to any server
  4. Now Open the Roblox site and log in to your Roblox account or create a new account.
  5. Now open a Game you want to play, It will ask you to download Roblox. Download it.
  6. Now install the Roblox.exe and hit the ▶ button again it will show a popup like below.
  7. Now click on Open Roblox, enjoy playing🥳 available games, or create your own game.

2️⃣ Use a Proxy server

Proxy is the same as a VPN which acts between a user and the internet, when a requests something that he wants to see through the web, then its request is taken by the proxy and sent to the web, so that means the User’s Id address is hidden through this process and new IP address is created in the name of the proxy.

However, Proxy works only on websites, so if you are opening Roblox on your web then it will work. It can’t unblock Roblox on other platforms.

3️⃣ Using a Tor Browser

Tor ( The Onion Router) is a browser that is free to use, open-source software introduced in the motive to protect users’ privacy and makes anonyms. Tor browser system basically hides the Ip addressbrowsing history, online data, etc.

Tor Browser
Tor Browser

Tor surely helps in unblocking Roblox because too many servers for a single request sent by a user to the web can make you anonymous. But still, you are not 100% secure because of some loopholes in the Tor browser at the Exit node.

Tip to choose a best Roblox VPN

To get the best gaming experience, your VPN should have consistent and fast VPN speeds along with servers that can unblock the service. As you might not be aware of all the things you need, here are the tips that help you to choose the best Roblox VPN.

  • Servers: A VPN with a decent server network across all the countries helps to unblock Roblox on school computers from anywhere in the world.
  • Speeds: Speeds matter a lot while gaming, not every VPN can deliver you the best speed with minimal speed loss. So, your VPN should have the latest VPN protocols like WireGuard, and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) for better speeds.
  • Security: VPN should offer advanced and reliable privacy protection security with standard AES 256-bit encryption combined with leakproof features like Kill Switch.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: VPN shouldn’t limit your bandwidth which results in poor speeds & throttling. It should offer unlimited bandwidth either your browser or downloading anything on the web.
  • 30-Day Refund Program: A good VPN should offer 30 days refund program i.e you can claim your refund if you don’t like the service.

How to create an account on Roblox– One Quick Step

Roblox is a genuine and free gaming platform that doesn’t charge anything for registration. You don’t need an email or verification to complete the process.

  1. Open Roblox it will directly redirect you to the registration or sign-up page (which looks like the below image).Roblox-Signup-Form-1
  2. Provide the required details like DOB, Gender, Username, and password.
  3. Hurray, your account is created✅ and now you will be landed on the Roblox Home Page.Roblox-Home-Page (1)

🎯Tip: You don’t need to provide any valid information while registering. So, use any fake details.

Best VPNs To Unblock Roblox On School Computer

1. ExpressVPN

  • 3000+ Servers in 160+ locations (94 countries)
  • Unblock Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • Unbeatable Security Encryption with OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2
  • Full Torrenting Support (Dedicated P2P Servers) with split tunneling.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Consoles, routers, etc.
  • 5 Simultaneous device connections
  • Zero Log Policy.
  • Reliable kill switch
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 Days full refund policy

ExpressVPN is the best VPN that quickly bypasses 🔥 any geoblocks of websites or streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Its decent server network is made of 3000+ servers and covers more than 93 countries. Thanks to its Lightway protocol offers ⚡ultra-fast speeds for a buffer-free streaming experience.

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands (privacy friendly) and doesn’t store any of the user information, following a true no-log policy. It uses AES-256-bit encryption along with some advanced security features like Perfect forward secrecy, Custom DNS, and a Kill Switch to cut off the internet when the VPN connection is down.

In fact, one of the best Netflix VPNs and has a reliable service connection. Also, it has MediaStreamer which allows watching censored content on TVs and supports Oculus along with common device platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

ExpressVPN accepts crypto payments (Additional Privacy) and has the best 24/7 live chat customer support. And you can try this VPN free for 30 days through its money-back program so you can claim a refund if you don’t like the service.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn logo
  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries
  • Double VPN feature for extra privacy
  • Unlimited Streaming in HD quality without data caps
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting anonymously with dedicated P2P servers
  • CyberSec to avoid malware and block ads
  • Stream International Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, and other streaming sites
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • 30 Days full refund policy

NordVPN is one of the 💪solid VPNs for beginners offering next-generation military-grade encryption and ⚡ blazing-fast VPN speeds with its industry-leading NordLynx protocol. NordVPN ruled the VPN market in 2019 with its 5512 Massive Server Network. With this VPN you can easily bypass any censorship in the Middle East with its intelligent Obfuscated Servers and even works in Highly restricted countries like China, Russia, etc.

NordVPN truly values users’ privacy and is one of the best No-log VPNs in the market i.e based in Panama (Non-Surveillance group). It doesn’t store any user information on the servers (Disk-less RAM) and is packed with a 🥳handful of security features like Threat Protection, CyberSec (Block ads & malware), Kill Switch, and split tunneling.

NordVPN has been very loyal to its customers from the beginning and serves more than 14M+ users across the globe. Also, it has dedicated servers for Onion Over VPN & Double VPN for complete anonymity (speeds will be low). NordVPN is an all-rounder and works flawlessly either for streaming services or torrenting websites.  commendable services awarded as Editor’s Choice Award.

Their 24/7 Live customer support is the best (quick & effective) in the VPN market. It supports all the device platforms like AndroidiOSWindows, and macOS along with Router, Fire TV & Android TV. Plus, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee program to try the service for free.

3. surf shark

surfshark logo
  • 3200+ Servers in 65 Countries
  • Standard AES 256-bit encryption with OpenVPN, WireGuard and IKEv2 protocols
  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime and HBO
  • Whitelist and Cleanweb feature
  • Multihop mode to stream the content in high quality without buffering.
  • Static IP Address available
  • Reliable Kill Switch
  • No Log Policy
  • Unlimited device connections.
  • 7 Days free trial & 30 days refund policy

Surfshark is another budget 👑premium VPN for beginners that maintains 500+ servers in the Middle East along and 3200+ servers covering the globe. It’s based in the same location where ExpressVPN resides and offers superior privacy with AES-256 bit encryption and has a camouflage mode & Multi-hop feature to bypass censorship even in highly restricted countries.

Surfshark can unblock almost all streaming services, even if you connect as many devices as you like. It ships with decent security features like DoubleVPN, Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and ad-blocker for an uninterrupted experience. It has DNS/IP leak protection to safeguard your identity from leaks.

Though it won’t have any dedicated P2P Servers, you can enjoy torrenting on every server and you can get a dedicated IP Address as well. Surfshark servers run on diskless ram technology (volatile) and it doesn’t store any of the user information. Independently audited two times by Cure53.

It offers Apps for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Edge, etc with a similar interface on almost all device platforms. So, it eases your navigation when you use it on different platforms.

It has 24/7 customer support for any of your queries and its team is responsive. Yet they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee program i.e no risk in taking the subscription (you will get a 100% refund if you don’t like the service).

🙌Wrap Up!

I hope by now you are playing your favorite game on Roblox, playing games is a handful of entertainment (don’t play too much😅). Using a VPN is the simplest way to unblock Roblox on your school computer and with a reliable Roblox VPN like ExpressVPN, get your job done with one click.

ExpressVPN is the #1🏆 VPN in bypassing any geoblocks consistently and it offers unlimited bandwidth powered with ⚡premium VPN speeds (Lightway Protocol) which helps in running the games smoothly without any lags. Also, they are offering 30 days money-back guarantee program i,e risk-free refund if you don’t like the service.

Know More

FAQs Related to unblocking Roblox

Is Roblox Safe and Legal?

Roblox is completely safe to use, keeping geoblocks aside and the site is exclusively blocked at school computers. Every game on the site is developed by its users so it owns all the rights for the game which make it completely legal to use without any hesitation.

Can I play games on Roblox for Free?

Roblox is a free gaming platform where you can play games for free. But some items like weapons, outfits, etc in the games are exclusively for premium members. Also, you can take a subscription to make use of their 3D models and some exclusive benefits.

Can a Free VPN Unblock Roblox?

Though a free VPN unblocks Roblox on your school computer it’s not recommended to use as it compromises your personal information (a risky and punishable offense if your school computer’s data is compromised). Also, they limit your internet speeds and run ads on the screen to generate revenue.

How Do I Unblock Roblox on Chrome?

Yes, you can unblock Roblox on any of the device platforms you wish to with the help of a VPN. Roblox games are available on different platforms including Windows Chrome, just follow the above-mentioned steps to unblock it on your chrome.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a tool that hides your identity on the internet by providing you with a new IP Address. This helps to bypass the geoblock or restrictions imposed over a network in your school or college. Also, there are several benefits you will get on taking a VPN subscription.

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