Top 7 Safe Torrent Sites 100% Working in November 2022

Looking for the best torrent sites? Searching on Google won’t help you out, Google hides all the torrent sites and display some fishy links. But there are some best torrent sites out there (alive), where you can download movies, anime, TV series, or download a game. You are at the right place reading this article to know about them. In this quick article, we are going to see top working websites to download torrents in 2022.

Best torrent sites working in 2022

Though there are many torrent sites, we have tested out all and filtered out only reliable torrent sites (✔️work’s always). These sites have huge monthly traffic and know for their 🔥best service. However, visiting these sites without a VPN might put you at 😟risk.

⚠️We don’t encourage anyone to use these websites for illegal purposes. Sometimes this could be illegal to download any torrent in a few countries.

Quick Glance of Working Torrent Sites in 2022

  1. The Pirate Bay: Overall Best & Safe Torrent Site
  2. Best Torrent site for Anime
  3. 1337x: Best Torrent Site to download Software and Apps
  4. RARBG: Best for High Quality Movies
  5. YTS: Best for Latest Movies
  6. LimeTorrents: Best Torrent site for Games
  7. Torlock: Best for eBooks and Anime

Why Only these sites?

We have 🥇ranked mentioned torrent sites based on download speed, available content, and users’ experience.

  • 🚀Speed: We have tested speed of each torrent site and download movies, games & animes. And take this as an important factor.
  • Available Content: Another factor to consider while ranking torrent is available content if a site contains various categories or not. And If it is speific to one niche i.e, only for movies, anime or games, then it has the latest and quality content or not.
  • 🛡️Security: Last but most important thing to consider is your security and privacy, most torrent sites have annoying popups and ads, and also porno content this is irritating.

Though there are other torrent sites, if you download torrents from them, it might have malware that can 🦠harm your system. So, we have ❌avoided mentioning such sites in our list. And even when you’re downloading perfectly legal content, your ISP may report to authorities. So, I’ll suggest you be private and avoid such kinds of things using a good VPN.

How to access these Torrent sites safely?

Worry not🤗, we don’t let this treasure turn into ashes. There is a way to access these sites safely I’m going to tell you how to safely and privately access these sites without any issue from anywhere in the world.

Know what is torrenting? if you are new here. It’s very simple to torrent safely, all you need is a good VPN that has dedicated P2P servers supporting unlimited bandwidth like ExpressVPN, so you can obtain a new IP connecting to VPN Server where torrenting is legal like Spain, Poland, and Switzerland. 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) will help you to change your IP address, bypass restrictions on the Internet by govt and ISP easily. And also avoid speed throttling, which will, ultimately, help you to download torrents even faster.

Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on ExpressVPN, in case you find this VPN is not helpful. You can request your money back from the support team in chat. And you will get your full refund.

Top Torrenting Sites in 2022 Deatiled Analysis

1. The Pirate Bay: Overall Best & Safe Torrent Site

The Pirate Bay

The first torrenting site we have is ThePirateBay it is the 🥇most popular torrent site, has a lot of movies, TV shows, and games. It is easy to use, has a nice interface, and is not covered with a lot of ads. Though you feel the interface is old-school, The Pirates Bay primarily focuses on safety & well-seeded torrent files (faster downloads).

Most uploaders are verified & trusted( ✅green skull☠️ verified), so you can download the torrents right away(virus-free). But guys, TPB keeps changing their domain to avoid blocks and you can get the live working link from Pirateproxy.

Download Speed: 62Mb/s

2. Best Torrent site for Anime

Nyaasi is the best torrent site for anime lovers. You want to watch an anime but are not able to find it on Netflix or Crunchyroll then you can find it here. Also, you can get many dubbed anime that are not generally available. It also has a nice interface and not many ads.

While everyone 💗loves its simplistic interface (very easy to find the files you are up to). It’s decent design and free indie content, where every anime torrent is available in HD (1080P).

Download Speed: 60Mb/s

3. 1337x: Best Torrent Site to download Software and Apps


Another popular torrenting website is 1337x, it’s been around since 2007, here you can latest movies, music, games, and anime. It has a well-organized structure you can find trending movies, shows, games, etc. This can helpful, in case, you don’t know what to watch.

Everyone loves their minimal interface (simple & elegant)with a red accent. But because of ads, you may feel irritated, so will suggest you not to use them when at work or use them with a VPN, like ExpressVPN which provides ads and malware blockers.

Download Speed: 54Mb/s

4. RARBG: Best for High Quality Movies


It’s been around since 2008 so old and reputed torrent site. Well known for its quality torrent files, good active community of verified uploaders so they keep updating & adding torrents regularly. RARBG verifies each & every torrent to pluck out the weeds among good seeds.

Its personalized interface makes it easy to access torrents dividing them into categories. There will be some annoying pop-ups here & there (ignore them). But it’s blocked in many countries, you may need a VPN to access this.

Download Speed: 52Mb/s

5. YTS: Best for Latest Movies


YTS AKA YIFY is the best site for downloading movies in HD, with more than 1 billion visitors monthly. Interesting thing is, you can also download subtitles along with movies. All the movies files are well compromised, but excellent movie quality.

Its interface resembles premium streaming sites, there won’t be many ads bothering your search. Every torrent is carefully examined so doesn’t contain any dangerous malware. But it does not offer other categories like anime, games, etc. So this is a negative point.

Download Speed: 44Mb/s

6. LimeTorrents: Best Torrent site for Games


The next on our list is Limetorrents it has the biggest number of active torrents (over 10 million). Starting in the year 2009 (decade old) offering all category torrent files attracting 20 million traffic monthly. LimeTorrents library is much bigger than The Pirates Bay and always shows up “Top 100 Torrents” on the home screen.

Recent torrent comes under copyright so be careful while downloading them (Use a VPN). To find the latest movies, TV shows and games you can use Limetorrents. But you’ll find many annoying popups even using ads block browser extension, so to fix I’ll suggest using a good VPN that provides inbuilt malware and ads blocker.

Download Speed: 46Mb/s

7. Torlock: Best for eBooks and Anime


Torlock was founded in 2010 over a decade ago. And the best thing about Torlock is all the torrents are verified by moderators (✔️ Verified sign). Its homepage displays the most recent & popular torrents in every category but keeps in mind that new releases come under copyright.

You can use TorLock for anime, music torrents, and ebooks. But it also has a lot of ads and some are irritating so if not using a VPN then I’ll suggest do not use it at all.

🎯Tip: This site will pay you $1 for every fake torrent reported (understand its legitimacy)

Download Speed: 42Mb/s

8. EZTV: Best for TV Shows


EZTV was initiated in the year 2015 and now owns a massive reputation offering TV Show torrents (dedicated site). While its library is as massive as The Pirates Bay & 1337x, you will find some live & recent releases. Brace yourself before you download some recent torrent (comes under copyright).

But the real hard thing is that you can’t download the entire show (Download every episode separately). It’s better to use a VPN that can help you out in downloading recent titles, Thank ExpressVPN for reliable ultra-fast download speeds.

Download Speed: 60Mb/s

9. Zooqle: Massive torrent library

Zooqle is one of the top torrent sites for everything (Movies to Video Games) started in the year 2013. It has a great 🔥reputation for its massive library (recent to old titles) even you can find some epic & rare titles. Zooqle has an excellent 🔍search bar to find out what you need in seconds, torrents are well categorized to make it easy for you.

I did face some ads here & there, but you can skip them all with a good VPN. With monthly visitors of more than 8 Million, awesome right? Most users land here for 🎮games, make sure that you don’t come under copyright law with a VPN.

Download Speed: 55Mb/s

10. Kickass Torrents: Torrent King

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is the champion of all torrents, but this site will get down frequently (that’s why ranked low). Starting in the year 2008, think once about how huge the torrent library is. Now, this site is working fabulously (newer version). You can download pretty much everything like Movies, TV Shows, Games, Apps, eBooks, etc.

Keep in mind that only magnet download will work or you will require an account to download torrent files.

Download Speed: 50Mb/s

11. TorrentDownloads:

TorrentDownloads Torrent Site

Last but not least TorrentDownloads is one of the classic torrent sites gaining traffic in recent times crossing 5 million traffic monthly. While there are very minimal ads, it’s not available in many countries due to its torrent library.

I bet you will like their well-organized interface simplifies your 🔍search to get what you want. Before you start downloading anything stay protected with a VPN. It’s completely safe to download through 🧲magnet links rather than downloading a torrent file.

Download Speed: 57Mb/s

Steps to Download torrent from these sites

New to torrenting? Here are the simple steps to download torrents from any torrent site. Firstly, you will need a torrent client and follow the steps below…

  1. Here we will use uTorrent as Torrent Client and guide you on how to install that and use that for downloading files. Go to the uTorrent Official Website and click on the Download uTorrent Web.uTorrent Installation
  2. Click on Keep if your system detects it as a Harmful file after downloading the file.Downloading uTorrent
  3. Install the file after downloading then run the file. You are now ready to download the torrent files.
  4. Download & Install a VPN, I will prefer using ExpressVPN.
  5. To download and install ExpressVPN, check out our guides for iOS, AndroidWindows and Mac.
  6. Connect to those countries mentioned above in the VPNs server list. Here we will connect to France.Connected to France via ExpressVPN
  7. Go to any torrent site like The Pirates Bay. Search any game (Resident Evil) you want. Click on the magnet.
  8. A prompt will appear asking you to open the uTorrent app to start downloading the file. Click on open uTorrent.

🥳Enjoy downloading all the games for free🤑. If still the site is unreachable then try to connect to a different server like USA, UK, Spain, etc.

🙃If you are more curious to know what a VPN can do, check out the amazing things you can do with a VPN.

1. Dedicated P2P (Torrenting) Servers

A good VPN should have a sufficient number of servers and dedicated servers for torrenting. A large number of servers allows you to connect fast servers and bypass geoblocks and restrictions easily. ExpressVPN maintains more than 1600+ P2P dedicated servers to make your torrenting fast & secure.

2. Security

A good VPN should have high encryption and a no-logs policy with features like a kill switch to avoid data leaks.  ExpressVPN offers 256-bit military-grade encryption to keep you secure under the hoods. Also, it supports VPN Chaining along with a Kill Switch so that no one will know that you are using a VPN service ever.

3. Built-In Ad blocker

Torrent sites generally have a lot of irrelevant porno, casino ads, popups which may also lead to some spammy sites containing malware. This is a major 🥲drawback of torrent sites. But ExpressVPN has a built-in ad-blocker called Cybersec, which prevents all types of malicious sites and irrelevant ads.

So you can torrent 24/7 without any worries of blocking by ads or infecting your device for torrenting.

4. Privacy

Some still might think that Why not a VPN store my data? No, premium VPNs are strictly built based on the No-log policy not like other VPNs that claim to have zero logs but store the user’s data without any intimations.

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is outside of 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 Eye surveillance so they have no obligations to store users’ data (IP address, connection logs) and other activities.

And it has a strict no-logs policy. I’ve also tried to perform leak tests against ExpressVPN it passed all the tests every time and protected my IP (Not every VPN will pass this test).

5. Speed

Special thanks to WireGuard which makes torrenting or streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming sites ⚡blazing fast also download you need a high-speed VPN, and with ExpressVPN you’ll get enough speed to download torrents with fast speed and also stream in Ultra HD seamlessly.

Wrapping Up!

Don’t judge these torrent sites by their appearance nor just search torrent sites on google and click on the first link you see. All the above-mentioned torrent sites are straightforward with minimal design (bottle up many torrent files).

You can also use some Torrent search engines, super easy to find torrent sites for anything you need. Don’t let your privacy guard down while visiting torrent sites. Also, keep an 👀eye on the Best Torrent Sites All Time, backup if any of the above-mentioned sites is down for a while.

If you have 🤗suggestions or are 🤔still facing any issues while accessing these sites then let me know in the comments below, I’ll help in all possible ways I can.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software tool that hides your identity and keeps you away from ISP or government tracking (Surveillance groups) by changing your device IP Address. So, you can surf the internet without any limitations or restrictions. Stream, torrent, unblock websites.

Is torrenting legal in my country?

Torrenting is treated as legal in many countries so far when you don’t involve in downloading some copyright content. But, you can torrent without any fear using a VPN that makes you anonymous (hiding browse history) like ExpressVPN.

How good is ExpressVPN for torrenting?

There is no doubt, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for torrenting that stops ISP throttling and gives you full speed to download the best torrents available in different categories like games, movies, shows, software, ebook, music, etc.

How to get a premium VPN for free?

If you need a VPN just for a few days, you can get the best-rated VPN for free. Using ExpressVPN’s 30 days money-back guarantee. First, you have to pay for the subscription. But after using it for a few days, you can ask for a refund before 30 days. Using their no-questions-asked refund policy you can get a refund easily.

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